9 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday season is here, which means many of us will be taking vacation and spending some precious time with the people we love. While the holidays are usually joyous, they can also be stressful and the source of some unhealthy habits. While adjustments and regular work with a chiropractic treatment specialist can improve total wellness, scheduling time to visit the practice during the holidays can prove difficult.

The team at Horst Chiropractic in Temecula, CA understands all this, which is why we’d like to offer some help. Here are nine tips that will help you stay healthy during the holidays.

Keep a Calorie Count in Mind

In colder weather and during holiday get-togethers, it’s tempting to gorge to your heart’s content and worry about the weight gain in the new year. Rather than relying on your New Year’s resolutions, try to count calories and be mindful of what you’re eating. If you can avoid eating too much each day, you can avoid gaining extra weight in the winter.

Be Careful About Holiday Snacking

Gingerbread, eggnog, hot coco, candy canes, pies, and other family favorites are the flavors of the holiday season. These are delicious, but they’re generally not good for you when eaten in excess. You can have some snacks, but be conscious of how many of these treats you’re having. Enjoy your holiday favorites, but avoid indulging too much.

Control Portion Size During Meals

Meals during the holidays are generally festive, enjoyable, and filling. You might have a few big meals with loved ones and co-workers. While enjoying your food, consider the size of the portions you’re eating. Have more vegetables or lean proteins if possible, and try to limit your intake of starches and unhealthy fats.

Eat Slowly to Prevent Overeating

It’s easy to overeat during a holiday meal. This is often due to consuming too much food too fast. To prevent gorging, eat your food slowly. Chew thoroughly, engage in conversation, sip on some water, and savor your meal. Once you feel full, push the plate away.

Avoid Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

Some wine, champagne, mulled cider, beer, or a cocktail can be enjoyable, but don’t overdo it. Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your body, and it’s a source of extra calories as well. This holiday season, drink in moderation if you decide to drink at all.

Consider Healthy Eating Options

Rather than snacking on sweets and pastries, there are plenty of healthy options to consider between meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a welcome addition to anyone’s diet, and a good way to avoid packing on too many pounds.

Stay Hydrated

Don’t let spiced cider, soda, and spirits be your only beverages during the holidays. Keep hydrated with clean, filtered water throughout the day. Water will fill you up between meals and also keep you body functioning properly throughout the day.

Continue to Exercise Regularly

Just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean you should sit back and be sedentary. Stay active during the holidays. Exercise at least a little bit each day. Even something as simple as a long walk or basic calisthenics can make a world of difference for your energy level and general sense of well being.

Make Time for Mental Wellness and Self-Care

We’ve talked about diet and physical activity, but mental health is equally important. The holidays can be stressful, and many people suffer from seasonal depression. Make time for self-care during the holidays. Speak with a loved one or a mental health professional about what you’re feeling. If you need some alone time, consider meditation, reading a book, or channeling your negative feelings into something creative and positive.

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