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Interesting Facts About Sports and Auto Related Injuries:
– Whiplash victims may not experience side effects for up to two weeks following the accident.
– Whiplash and brain trauma injuries are most commonly sustained by athletes of Rodeo, Football, and soccer and in victims of car accidents
-The peak velocity of collision requires as little as a 3 mph impact speed to produce ligament damage in the spine. Whiplash and brain trauma commonly occur in accidents with speeds as low as 3-5mph.
-Trauma sustained in low speed collisions are less likely to produce significant findings on MRI, X-Ray etc. However, in North America joint soft tissue injuries to the neck related to motor vehicle collisions are increasing even though fatal collisions are decreasing. This means low speed collisions are less likely to be fatal yet carry a high probability of ligament damage to the neck and spine.
-Auto manufacturers have increased the stiffness of vehicles to reduce perceived damage and increase recoil. Many bumpers will completely collapse and recoil with little evidence of damage. This change of stiffness transfers more strain of the collision to the occupants.
-While seat belts are vital in preventing fatalities they contribute significantly to the increase in neck soft tissue injuries. The seatbelt will hold the body while nothing supports the head creating a whip out of the neck increasing chances of ligament damage.
-Damaging the ligaments of the neck and spine can be compared to damaging ligaments of the knee. Many athletes, who have blown out their knee in a game, state their knee is never the same even after surgery.
-Just as damaging the ligaments of the knee can result in pain and instability damaging ligaments of the neck can also result in pain and instability. A mere 8% stretch to a ligament can result in permanent damage.
-Delaying proper evaluation and treatment virtually guarantees developing early onset of degenerating discs and joints. Degenerating discs and joints is one of the leading causes of back and neck pain, many cases of which report chronic pain following a sport or vehicle related accident.
-90% of late whiplash patients still responded favorably to chiropractic care. Any patient with a history of contact sports or motor vehicle related whiplash should receive an evaluation for progressive spinal disorders related to an event resulting in whiplash.
-A 2003 randomized controlled clinical trial demonstrated the superior results of Acupuncture in reducing neck pain when compared to medication.
-Our approach works to heal damaged ligaments of the neck and spine without surgery
If you have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision, no matter how minor, you should receive a neuro-muscular and biomechanical assessment from the qualified professionals at Horst Chiropractic.