Chiropractic, Diet, and Exercise: Three Components for a Healthy Life

Spinal Adjustments, Diet, and ExerciseChiropractic adjustments can do wonders for an aching back, stiff neck, or sore feet. Once the spine is properly aligned, the body can begin to heal itself. However, while one or two chiropractic visits can be good for a short-term “fix” to alleviate pain, it is not enough to keep patients healthy in the long run. In order to make substantial changes and improvements in health, patients should maintain a schedule of regular chiropractic adjustments, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Regular Chiropractic Visits

Patients may think that just a few visits to Temecula chiropractor Nathen Horst to fix a specific problem are the goal of chiropractic care. Once the pain goes away, the patient is “cured.” While chiropractic adjustments can correct alignment problems and pain, patients actually benefits most from regular chiropractic adjustments (particularly in the case of recurring injuries or chronic back problems). Over time, the body will shift back out of alignment, which is why patients often have an ongoing problem with certain parts of the body. Regular chiropractic adjustments will re-align the body to a balanced state.

Balanced Diet for a Balanced Life

A sensible diet will keep patients healthier. It will reduce a patient’s chances of developing heart disease and diabetes, as well as help lower blood pressure.

While all of this is true, patients may not know that a healthy diet also helps the body maintain chiropractic adjustments for a longer period of time. Think of the diet as fuel for the body. If the body is well-nourished with a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, and grains, the muscles and ligaments will be stronger. This will mean that any chiropractic adjustment will be better supported and last longer.

Exercise for Good Health

The third component to wellness, exercise, may be the hardest to maintain. All patients would like to attend the gym or yoga classes on a regular basis. However, regular exercise often falls by the wayside. Unfortunately, this can lead to increased stress on the body. When patients are feeling stressed, the spine will almost instinctively tighten up. Patients may experience this as lower back, neck, or shoulder pain. When the spine stiffens, the muscles will also tighten up. This may throw the spine back out of alignment, which will start a vicious cycle of recurring pain.

On the other hand, a regular exercise routine will keep the muscles, tendons, and ligaments both strong and flexible. This makes them better able to support the spine, and thus will help the chiropractic adjustment last longer. In addition, exercise may help patients lose weight, and thus reduce stress on the spine, knees, and ankles, all of which will help the body better hold a chiropractic adjustment.

The combination of regular chiropractic adjustments, sensible diet, and regular exercise will set patients on their way to health, wellness, and longevity. Make an appointment with Dr. Horst today. He will advise patients on how to get started with their new healthy lifestyles.

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