Cold Therapy and Chiropractic Care

The use of cold therapy on injuries can complement chiropractic treatment and aid in the healing process of certain injuries. Cold therapy is an early response treatment and should be used as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Cold therapy has the advantage of decreasing blood flow to the affected area. This helps to keep damage at a minimum. Cold therapy is an excellent therapy choice to relieve pain and limit injury progression.

How Does Cold Therapy Work?

Cold therapy refers to the use of ice on the bruise, sprain, or other inflammatory injury. Patients can apply ice to the injury at home. To avoid skin irritation, make sure the bag of ice is wrapped in a towel. For most injuries, a 20-minute application is the recommended time frame. Sufficient time between applications should include at least one hour to allow proper circulation. It is best for the skin to return to regular body temperature before each successive application.

Side Effects

Some uncomfortable side effects of treatment may include mild pain or burning sensations. Numbness is expected as well. These are normal may decrease with continued treatments. Cold therapy is not recommended for continuation after the patient has had the injury for 72 hours. The chiropractor will then implement different therapy options, most likely a combination of therapies.

Other Cold Therapy Options

Massage with ice is another type of cold therapy. When using ice for massage therapy, the masseuse will typically work from the center of the injury to the outside of the injury. The masseuse should also work in a circular motion to appropriately alleviate pain and discomfort. Patients should seek chiropractic advice to determine whether or not this type of therapy is a good option.

Cold therapy using lasers can also be a good remedy for some types of injuries. Laser therapy is the preferred choice of many patients wishing to avoid medication and invasive medical procedures. Additionally, laser therapy is easy to fit into a busy schedule due to its simple nature. With laser therapy, patients may experience some discomfort in early treatments, but this is usually resolved with continued treatment. Patients should keep in mind that treatments will need to be administered repeatedly in order to work effectively. In fact, most patients should prepare for up to four treatments per week for an extended period of time. Laser treatment may not deliver results with complete relief, but it can help heal many types of inflammatory injuries. In order to expedite healing, patients may need to participate in other treatments simultaneously. For more information on the best course of action, patients should consult their chiropractor.

Cold therapy is a good option for treating mild injuries, because it offers quick relief and is inexpensive. Home treatment options like ice packs are convenient and easy to apply. Once the patient has had time to visit the chiropractor, he or she will learn whether or not massage therapy or chiropractic laser treatment is needed as well.

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