Cox Chiropractic Technique

Chiropractors have various options when it comes to treating lower back pain, arm pain, leg pain, neck pain, and spinal pain. There are many different schools of thought concerning chiropractic techniques, and it can sometimes be overwhelming for patients with any type of pain to know exactly what they will be getting when they visit a chiropractic office. Additionally, some patients may not even know that there are safe alternatives to surgery to consider when dealing with chronic pain. This blog post covers some of the basic information about a safe technique used by many chiropractors, the Cox Technique.

What Is the Cox Technique?

First off, it is important for a patient to understand what the Cox Technique is and when it is used. The Cox Technique was developed nearly 50 years ago by Dr. James Cox as a way to treat pain in the spine and spinal discs; this technique is now employed by certified chiropractors all over the country including Dr. Nathen Horst. In short, the treatment is a gentle way to decompress herniated or ruptured discs, helping to heal all a range of conditions. When a light amount of pressure is applied and the discs are decompressed, it will reduce the pressure inside the disc, and as a result, relieve any pain in the spinal nerves and surrounding areas. Not only will this technique help with decompressing herniated disks, but also it will help relieve pain caused by the following conditions:

Any doctor applying this treatment will essentially stretch the disc in back and forth motions in order to pull the disc back where it belongs. When the disc is back in place, the pressure is relieved and the pain in the back, spine, neck, legs, or arms is relieved. Patients can expect the movements to be slow, gentle and very smooth rather than rapid or jerky. Many patients are pleasantly surprised that the treatment is gentle and easy considering how much pain they have been experiencing.

Is the Cox Technique Safe?

Many patients wonder if the technique their chiropractor has selected is safe. The Cox Technique is non-invasive, non-surgical, and completely controlled by the chiropractor applying the technique. Additionally, since this technique has been around for so long, it has also been well researched and documented extensively. As a result, there is a lot of clear direction available to professional chiropractors on how to best employ this technique in order to achieve the desired results. As with any procedure, there are minimal risks involved, but patients should rest assured that this technique is safe and non-invasive and a great alternative to any type of surgery that patients think they may require.

For more information on the Cox Technique, patients can feel free to contact Horst Chiropractic in Temecula with any questions they may have.

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