Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Cumulative Trauma Disorders, also known as Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) are caused by the overuse of soft tissues and are a major cause of workplace injuries. Statistics have shown the number of RSI cases have increased over the past five years by 670% and the cost is estimated around $110 billion a year. No doubt this incidence increase has trickled down to the employer. Repetitive stress injuries can include but are not limited to: carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and chronic headaches due to poor posture.
There is no reason for someone to live in pain and have a decrease in function.

Desk workers can develop Cumulative Trauma Disorders easily. One fact about on-going chronic pain is that it is more often than not, the patient is not being treated effectively or not being treated at all. When going through school, I recall someone in the clinic saying, “Oh, she has the same complaint all the time; I think she is faking.” This type of perception of a patient cannot and will not lead to quality care. It has also been found that people with chronic conditions often change doctors multiple times. Perhaps this is because their doctor was not giving them 100%. In fact, a study done any a few years ago found 45% of patients with pain, non-cancer related, felt their pain was out of their control. When pain is out of control, often many unwanted changes occur in these patient’s lives, causing a reduced quality of life. People in pain often avoid hobbies they use to enjoy, such as surfing or running, leading possible weight gain and the health risks which go along with it. They also become very irritable, causing strain in their personal and professional relationships. Productivity at work can decrease as well.