Does a Back Adjustment Hurt?

Does a Back Adjustment Hurt?Back, neck, shoulder, and spinal pain can be one of the most uncomfortable and painful feelings. When patients start to experience this kind of pain, they can turn to chiropractor Nathen Horst at Horst Chiropractic for an adjustment. While back pain is uncomfortable, it’s understandable why patients are sometimes hesitant to make an appointment right away, especially if they have never seen a chiropractor before. Sometimes, patients fear that a back adjustment itself may hurt, or that a back adjustment will cause more pain. In truth, back adjustments are one of the best ways to immediately experience relief from pain. Here is a little more information about what patients will experience during and after a back adjustment, so they don’t have to experience apprehension about seeking out the proper care.

Who Should Get a Back Adjustment?

Patients who are considering chiropractic care to relieve back pain should find out what makes an appropriate candidate for a back adjustment. There are a few different reasons to see a chiropractor for back pain, including:

  • Chronic back pain that hasn’t been improved by medical treatments
  • Employment at a job that requires workers to sit often or do a lot of heavy lifting
  • A back injury
  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain or aches with no reasonable explanation
  • The desire to avoid use of any prescription drugs to address back pain
  • Uneven wear on the soles of the shoes
  • Misalignment of the head or shoulders

Patients who are experiencing any of these issues should consider a visit to a chiropractor.

What Will an Adjustment Feel Like?

Patients that have decided that a back adjustment is the best option for them may experience fear about what it will actually feel like. Adjustments are usually free of pain, but may be slightly uncomfortable, depending on the amount of swelling, tension, and inflammation patients are experiencing in their backs. Most patients feel immediate relief from the pain they have been feeling, but some patients may feel a bit of tenderness after the back adjustment. This is completely normal and is not an indication that anything went wrong during the adjustment. Keep in mind that the goal of any skilled and qualified chiropractor is to help alleviate discomfort, not cause more pain. Patients can ask their chiropractor to walk them through every step of the adjustment so they know what to expect.

Will Patients Experience Tenderness after the Adjustment?

Again, it is possible to feel some muscle tenderness after a spinal adjustment, even if the bones and joints feel better. Keep in mind this is natural and just part of the healing process. If patients feel excessive muscle tenderness, consider applying a cold pack to the painful area. If this isn’t enough to relieve the tenderness, then a soft tissue massage may be recommended to help alleviate the pressure.

Contact Dr. Nathen Horst in Temecula to schedule a back adjustment appointment. Dr. Horst will gently move displaced joints into correct alignment to reduce back pain.

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