Grostic Technique

There are many different approaches chiropractors can use on patients who are experiencing back, neck, leg, arm, or any other type of pain resulting from misaligned spinal vertebrae. The technique that is best for each patient depends on his or her misalignment issues and symptoms. Chiropractors can employ a specific method that will best treat the patient’s individual condition. One popular chiropractic technique chiropractors often use to realign spinal vertebrae is the Grostic Technique. This blog post presents some of the basics of this particular chiropractic technique.

What Is the Grostic Technique?

The Grostic Technique was developed about 40 years ago as a way for chiropractors to more accurately align the cervical vertebra in the neck. Doctors believe when the cervical vertebrae are aligned properly, it helps nerve tracts work more properly. The Grostic Technique helps chiropractors figure out where the center of the vertebrae are in relation to the skull to more accurately perform the therapy. The purpose of this technique is not to treat one single area for pain, but to completely realign the nervous system to restore the flow of communication among the nerves.

What Patients Should Expect with the Grostic Technique

To perform the Grostic Technique, the chiropractor may first take X-rays and use instruments to help locate the center of the vertebrae. Patients will come to the office and Dr. Nathen Horst will examine the patient’s body and perform the necessary tests to diagnose problems and develop a treatment plan. Then, Dr. Horst will begin to manipulate the vertebrae to bring them into proper alignment. The goal is to address the underlying cause of pain to give the patient relief and prevent the need for more involved surgical treatments.

In the Grostic Technique, short, intensive, and precise manipulations are made to the upper cervical spine of the neck with the chiropractor’s hands, or with specialized instruments (the Orthospinology technique).

The two uppermost vertebra of the spine are located right below the brain stem and skull. When these vertebrae are misaligned, it can result in problems such as:

X-rays may be taken after treatment to measure improvement in the alignment of the cervical vertebrae. Many patients experience reduced pain and improved overall health with cervical vertebrae misalignments are treated with the Grostic Technique.

One of the greatest advantages of the Grostic Technique is that the goal of therapy is restoration of overall health and wellness; that is, correcting the underlying cause of the problem rather than simply managing the pain and other symptoms.

Does it Hurt?

Patients wonder if the spinal adjustment will hurt since it involves realignment of the spine. When performed by  a qualified and skilled chiropractor such as Dr. Horst, the treatment is incredibly gentle. Chiropractors are guiding the misaligned vertebrae back into position so there is no need for any forceful snapping.

For more information about this treatment, patients can contact Horst Chiropractic in Temecula for a thorough consultation and spinal adjustment.

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