How Often Should Patients Get Chiropractic Adjustments?

Most patients initially come to see Dr. Nathen Horst for a specific complaint, such as lower back pain or knee pain. Once the pain has gone away, they may wonder why Dr. Horst wants to continue seeing them on a regular basis. After all, the pain has been cured, so why do they need to keep going back? This is one of the more frequent questions that patients ask Dr. Horst. He recommends that patients have weekly chiropractic adjustments, if at all possible. There are several reasons why Dr. Horst may want patients on a regular chiropractic adjustment schedule.

Maintenance Treatment

In some cases, Dr. Horst may want to ensure that the correct adjustment to treat pain is maintained. Over time, the body can slip back out of alignment. Regular adjustments can help the body stay in proper alignment after the initial condition has been treated. This is particularly important for athletes, who may be putting a great deal of strain on the spine and joints. A regular, weekly chiropractic regimen will keep the body at peak performance. It should be a part of every athlete’s routine, just like using ice or heat after workouts to ease sore muscles. This can be particularly important for “weekend warriors,” who may not exercise on a regular basis.

Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Many of Dr. Horst’s patients are committed to a healthy, active lifestyle. They have a regular exercise routine, eat a sensible diet, and work on a proper balance between work and home life. For such patients, chiropractic care is part of that lifestyle. Regular, weekly adjustments keep them healthy and active well into their senior years. Chiropractic adjustments are as essential to a patient’s wellbeing as regular exercise and cutting fats and sugars from the diet.

Injury Recovery

In some cases, regular chiropractic treatment may be necessary to help treat unseen results of an injury. If a patient comes to see Dr. Horst with pain from a knee injury, the first goal is to treat the pain itself. However, there may still be some unseen, ongoing issues once the initial pain has subsided. There may be residual stress on the joints and tendons that need to be addressed. Regular chiropractic adjustments may speed the body’s repair of this damage.

Furthermore, regular chiropractic treatments following an injury may help strengthen the body against re-injury. If the body can be trained to hold the adjustment, it will better be able to deal with stress on the joints and tendons. Chiropractic care can provide the body with additional protection against a similar re-injury.

The truth is that chiropractic care is more than just a one-time treatment for immediate pain. Done properly, it becomes a lifetime commitment to keeping the entire body healthy, active, and pain-free. It should be made a regular part of people’s wellness routines, just like their regular dental checkups. Dr. Horst believes that all patients should strive to make chiropractic a regular part of their lives, rather than just short-term care for immediate issues.

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