Temecula Chiropractor – Knee Pain

Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendonitis)

Knee pain is something which commonly is experienced by athletes of any sport.  One of the most common knee complaints is called jumper’s knee.  Jumper’s knee is often considered to be an overuse injury. It is very similar to tennis elbow in the way it develops. When the quad muscles exert a large demand on the tendons attaching to the kneecap, many times small micro tears are possible. These small tears fill with scar tissue in a haphazard fashion, kind of like spraying Silly String in someone’s hair. The result is a clumpy mess and decreased function of the tendons and muscles. This scar tissue will result in muscle tightness and repeated injury to the tendon.

Site of TendonitisActive Release Therapy

Your Temecula Chiropractor utilizes a technique called ART® which is often considered to be the best manual therapy at removing scar tissue from the knee and getting you back into your sport without having to buy a patellar brace. Braces often work as a band aid and do not fix the problem.  Dr. Horst has had great success treating this type of knee pain within 4-6 visits.  If you or someone you know is suffering from knee pain, contact us today and see how your Temecula Chiropractor Dr. Horst can help you!