Nimmo Technique

Any individual who has sustained any type of injury that results in back pain or neck pain understands how important it is to quickly find a solution. Neck pain and back pain can put a damper on even the most common activities. Chiropractors understand this type of pain, and are educated and certified to choose the best possible treatment for neck pain and back pain. One of the many potential treatments that chiropractors consider is the Nimmo Technique. This blog post will cover some of the basics of the Nimmo technique in order to help patients with back pain better understand their options.


The first question many individuals have before even seeking out the help of a chiropractor, let alone deciding on a technique to treat, is how to determine when help from a chiropractor is needed. Any individual that has gone through a traumatic experience such as a car accident, bodily injury, or sports accident that has resulted in chronic pain is a good candidate for treatment. Sometimes individuals will not necessarily feel chronic pain, but they may experience chronic discomfort. Patients should keep in mind that dealing with discomfort is not a desirable way to live, as it can significantly affect a person’s quality of life. When any individual is experiencing chronic pain or discomfort around the back, neck, or nervous system, it is important to seek help from a chiropractor.

Treatment Options

Since there are many different treatment options for neck and back pain, it is important for patients to consult with a chiropractor. One technique chiropractors use is the Nimmo Technique.

The Nimmo technique allows the chiropractor to first determine the cause of the pain. This is done by isolating certain areas and by having a vast understanding of the muscles system, the nervous system, and the skeletal system. In order to determine the cause of pain, chiropractors will evaluate each system independently and determine the source of pain.

Once the chiropractor has determined the source of pain, he or she will apply specific pressure on trigger points to help relieve discomfort. This allows the muscles to relax and joints to function properly. The next step chiropractors take is to identify other trigger points of pain and work out the tension in those areas. The body is interconnected in many ways, so often it requires additional work on other parts of the body to completely break the cycle of pain. Once each area of pain has been isolated and worked on, the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems will be back in balance, resolving any pain.

Chiropractors will also set up a system of recovery in order to make sure that the body stays in balance. If any follow-up Nimmo treatments are necessary, the chiropractor will let the patient know, and schedule any additional therapy. With the Nimmo treatment, chiropractors can isolate the source of the pain and then work from trigger point to trigger point to achieve total relief of the pain.

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