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Plantar Fasciitis is a problem many athletes deal with on a daily basis. While many try to “tough” it out and run through the pain, you may actually be causing more damage than you think. Plantar Fasciitis is usually understood as the inflammation of the plantar fascia, but foot pain during running is not always due to an injury to the plantar fascia. Many times foot pain is an overuse injury causing tightness and spasm in the small intrinsic muscles of the foot. Injuries to these muscles cause a very similar type of pain as inflammation to the plantar fascia and if not addressed properly, the pain will continue. Rest, ice and medication will only get you so far, but just as with the previous injuries if the scar tissue is not manually removed, the pain will continue.

Plantar Fasciitis or foot pain can be a chronic injury for many runners; in fact, some sources say with traditional treatment, it can remain for upwards towards a year even with conventional treatment. It usually develops from a biomechanical problem from the ankle or hip and when properly addressed, this condition can be easily fixed and training can be resumed.

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