Put More Pep in Your Step with Chiropractic Care: Boosting Your Energy Levels

It seems as if the current pace of the world around us just keeps moving faster and faster. Between a 24/7 news cycle, a faster global communications network, and the power of the Internet, it often feels as though you simply don’t have the energy needed to keep on top of work, time with family and friends, and time to yourself.

From the time you get up in the morning, fight traffic getting to work, putting in your eight hours, and then sit through traffic again to get home, you are dragging by the end of the day. Believe it or not, this lack of energy is one of the most common reasons that many of Dr. Nathen Horst’s new patients come to see him for the first time. How serious is the problem of low energy, and how can chiropractic care help treat it?

What Causes Lack of Energy?

A chronic lack of energy rarely has only one cause. Instead, it usually results from a number of factors that combine to sap your energy. Some of the most common of these factors include lack of proper sleep, pain, or illness. Your body’s natural defense systems are working overtime to correct for these issues, which means that it is using a tremendous amount of energy to do so.

These issues can reduce your energy levels even more if you suffer from chronic insomnia or pain. In other instances, you may suffer from a hormone imbalance, such as low thyroid or adrenal gland levels. Other causes can include a poor diet (in particular a lack of iron), dehydration, depression, and a sedentary lifestyle.

The Link between Stress, Posture, and Low Energy

One of the fundamental basics of chiropractic care is that misalignments in the spinal vertebrae are often the root cause of many health issues. The stress of trying to keep up with the fast pace of the world around you can lead the poor posture from unconsciously tightening your jaw, neck, shoulders, and back, eventually resulting in misalignment of the individual vertebrae of your spine.

This then places pressure on the nerves leading in and out of the spinal column. This pressure can prevent the nerves from properly sending and receiving electrical impulses to and from the brain, via the spinal column, which can result in a wide array of health issues, including abnormal hormone levels, chronic headaches, and poor sleep, all of which can also be linked to a lack of energy.

How Can Chiropractic Care Boost Your Energy Levels?

Clearly, the way to break this cycle of stress, poor posture, misaligned vertebrae, and low energy is to shift the vertebrae back into proper position. Doing so will release pressure on the nerves leading in and out of the spinal column, thus restoring proper signaling to and from the brain and boosting energy levels.

Dr. Horst does just this by performing what is known as a spinal adjustment, which opens up the space between the individual vertebrae, so they are no longer compressed and pinching the nerves.

However, boosting your energy levels is more than just a spinal adjustment. It will involve a shift to a wellness lifestyle. This will include a change in diet (along with vitamins and supplements), a regimen of regular exercise several days a week, and learning stress management techniques, such as meditation and yoga. Dr. Horst can map out a plan that is tailor made to help you boost your energy to help you keep going and keep up with your busy life.

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