Sacro-occipital Technique

When an individual sustains an injury that requires help from a chiropractor, there are many potential treatments. The treatment depends on the type of symptoms the individual is experiencing and requires proper diagnosis of the problem from a certified chiropractor. One popular technique that is used by chiropractors to resolve pain is the Sacro-occipital technique, also commonly referred to as SOT. For any patient interested in SOT, here is some important information to consider.

SOT is associated with therapy of both the sacrum and the occiput. In other words, SOT is technique applied to the foundation of the spine and the back of the head. During SOT, the chiropractor will make sure both the foundation of the spine and the back of the head are in balance. When the spine and head are out of balance, many painful health problems may potentially result.

Why Use SOT?

If an individual is experiencing problems with the nervous system, and thus, the rest of the body, a chiropractor may choose to implement SOT. Sometimes, individuals will sustain an injury that causes a problem with the way the head and the spine move together naturally. When this motion is halted, normal brain and spinal cord functions are impeded and it can result in pain and other unwanted symptoms.

When chiropractors use SOT, they manipulate the body to normalize this motion and help put the patient’s body back into ideal alignment. Not only will the chiropractor normalize the relationship between the head and the spine, but they will also correct any spinal or nerve problems. The result of this may include a lessening of pain, lowering of high blood pressure, resolution of digestive and urinary problems, and improved ability to detoxify and remove harmful substances. Sometimes, minor problems can cause major symptoms; a simply therapy like SOT can help the individual feel better.

Is SOT a Common Treatment?

SOT is currently used as an effective treatment in thousands of chiropractic offices. The method is newer than other techniques, but is effective in reducing pain. Since the SOT method is a new approach, chiropractors are continually improving on the method and publishing information on how to better this chiropractic method. Just like any treatment, this treatment is continually being improved upon to better the lives of individuals around the world.

Is it Safe?

As with any medical procedure, patients are often concerned whether or not SOT is safe. Research indicates that the threat of sustaining an injury during this treatment is extremely low. In fact, the chances of sustaining an injury are only about one in every 6 million. As a result, the sacro-occipital technique is considered extremely safe and a great option to better the lives of individuals who may be experiencing pain.

Patients should remember that there are many different types of methods and techniques for treating back pain, neck pain, and other problems, so it is important for individuals to consult with a chiropractor before undergoing any type of treatment. Certified chiropractors will determine exactly how to best help each patient in need.

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