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In this blog post, I am discussing health and performance.  Every day I have athletes that come into my Temecula office trying to figure out why their vertical jump is not getting higher, or why their runs aren’t getting better.  I have a secret to tell everyone……you ready???  It’s because no one seems to know how to squat anymore!!!

You might be wondering, what does squatting have to do with performance or Chiropractic?  Well it has to do with everything.  Many people underestimate the power of their lower body and how it influences any type of powerful ballistic movement.  Let’s examine a sprinter and the importance of a strong core, hip hinge, and drive from the glutes.

As we look at the sprinter emerging from the blocks, his body is exploding in a straight line from his left foot and in a “squat” power explosion position with his right leg.  Where do you think the runner is getting his power from??  You guess it, his glutes!  This is a prime example of why it is important to develop proper squat technique so that we can develop the prime extensors of our lower body.  There is a reason why olympic speed skaters have well developed glutes, hamstrings, and quads.  All of these muscles help aid in the drive and explosion out of the gate that they need.  The important thing to take from this example is the understanding that a properly developed squat will help you achieve the explosive power you need in any sport.

Why is it that for whatever reason as we age we forget how to squat correctly.  The picture above is a prime example that we have known how to squat in a power and safe position once in our lives.  As we break down the above picture we can see that this child’s head and spine are both in neutral positions, his hips are below parallel, his knees are tracking over (but not beyond) toes, and most of all, his weight is on his heels.

I will most likely have another rant similar to this next time I go to the gym and I see somebody load up the squat rack and have terrible form all the while grunting and yelling.  So everyone in Temecula, please join me in learning how to squat properly.  If you need some help, do not hesitate giving the office a call today!

Your friendly Temecula Chiropractor,

Dr. Horst

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