Running Injuries & ART® – Common Running Injuries and ART®

It is no surprise runners have tons of injuries and fact is, they are more than likely from excessive “wear and tear” on the joints and soft tissues. Running is a repetitive overuse activity (your legs constantly move in the same motion) and it would only make sense to say the injuries are also overuse injuries involving the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the site of pain. If you have one of the following injuries, listen up. These are muscular problems and there is no way that a simple chiropractic adjustment or application of ultrasound is going to fix these problems. The pain you are experiencing is due to muscle spasm from excessive scar tissue and inflammation within the muscles. In order for these spasms to cease you need a very specific form of soft tissue treatment to basically go in and pull the scar tissue from the muscles.

ART® is the most effective form of treatment for these types of injuries and this is why it is the Official Soft Tissue Partner of Ironman® Triathlons.