The Importance of Hydration after a Chiropractic Adjustment

Numerous studies have shown the importance of drinking water to maintain a healthy, well-balanced body. It is important to stay hydrated to maintain proper kidney and digestive function, and remove waste and toxins from the body. The human body is made up of 60 percent water, but every day some of this water is lost due to breathing, perspiration, and urination. To replenish this supply, people should drink plenty of water. Although there is no set rule for everyone, the Mayo Clinic suggests an average of 64 ounces (eight cups) of fluids per day (any fluid can count toward this; not just water).

Hydration to Help Remove Toxins from the Body

Keeping properly hydrated is even more important for patients who undergo chiropractic treatments. Patients may experience a variety of mild side effects for the first 24 hours following an adjustment, ranging from headache, to nausea, to dizziness. This is actually perfectly natural. When the body is put into proper alignment from a chiropractic adjustment, it releases all the tension it has been holding. At the same time, it will release various toxins that may have built up as a result of that tension.

Dr. Nathen Horst recommends that patients keep hydrated following any chiropractic adjustment, as doing so will help eliminate toxins from the body more quickly. This will greatly cut down on the severity and length of time for any side effects from the adjustment.

Hydration as Part of a Regular Wellness Routine

Dr. Horst recommends that even patients not undergoing regular chiropractic adjustments keep themselves well hydrated. As part of a regular wellness routine, it will help keep the body healthy, thus reducing the likelihood of injury or illness that may require chiropractic care again at a later date. If the body is able to quickly eliminate toxins on a regular basis, it is less susceptible to future illness, and will recover more quickly.

Hydration to Provide Peak Performance for Athletes

Proper hydration is particularly important for both competitive athletes and “weekend warriors,” who may only engage in sports one or two times a month. Not only does it replace water the body loses due to physical exertion, but it can also help reduce some of the early symptoms of sunburn and heat exhaustion. Athletes who become flushed, light-headed, or nauseous during the course of their game should immediately seek shade, rest, apply ice or cold compresses to the forehead, and rehydrate themselves with cool water. It is important not to drink too quickly, to reduce the risk of nausea and worsening symptoms.

Water is one of the most essential ingredients for life. It is needed to nourish crops in order for them to flourish. Dr. Horst believes in the importance of water, as it is essential for nourishing people so that they may flourish as well. He suggests that keeping properly hydrated is perhaps one of the most important things patients can do on their own time to maintain the benefits from chiropractic adjustments.

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