Chest Pain after a Back Adjustment

Chest Pain after a Back AdjustmentBack adjustments by a professional chiropractor at Horst Chiropractic can not only reduce neck and back pain, but also improve a patient’s overall health. There is nothing quite as awful as going through your day with lower, middle, or upper back pain. The good news is this pain can be soothed and even eradicated with help from the right chiropractor. After a comprehensive examination, your chiropractor will know exactly what kind of treatment and techniques required to alleviate your pain. Keep in mind that with any procedure, including a back adjustment, there are potential risks involved. For example, after undergoing a back adjustment, it is possible that you may feel chest pain. Below are some possible reasons for feeling this chest pain, and some ways to minimize chest pain after a back adjustment.

Causes of Chest Pain after a Back Adjustment

Every part of the body is interconnected, and each part aids in optimal total body function. As a result, when one part of your body is out of alignment, it may affect another part of your body and produce noticeable symptoms. For example, if you are feeling pain in your back, it is also possible to feel pain in your ribs or your sternum.

While a back adjustment will help align your back, the pressure that is applied during treatment can sometimes strain muscles and bones around the chest, especially if these muscles aren’t particularly strong. If you experience chest pain after your back adjustment, it simply means more pressure was needed to set restore proper alignment than surrounding chest muscles are generally used to. It’s the same idea as when you haven’t worked out for a long time, and then go and lift weights – it can lead to soreness.

The good news is chest pain after a back alignment is generally mild and shortlived, and there are simple treatments to relieve any chest pain you may be experiencing. In fact, if you do experience any chest pain after your back adjustment, simply call us at Horst Chiropractic and we will help treat you.

Treatments for Chest Pain after a Back Adjustment

There are a few ways to treat your chest pain after a back adjustment. If you are feeling very minor pain, then an approved pain medication and a heating pad will do the trick. If you try that and still experience pain, then a soft tissue massage may be in order. Soft tissue massage is a great way to relax the muscles and allow them to heal.

Consult Dr. Nathen Horst to learn more about which of these treatments is best for you. If you continue to experience pain, it is possible that the source of the pain is something other than the natural side effects from a back adjustment. If this is the case, it is important to let your chiropractor know, so he or she can suggest the best course of action. Contact Horst Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nathen Horst.

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